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My parents have generously offered to take me and my family and my brother and his family to Alaska next summer. This idea was first floated when we were all together (for 3 whole hours) at Spring Break.

My dad likes to plan trips early. Sometimes it's annoying, because YO I am not a fortune teller. But when you're paying for 11 people to do some expensive stuff, I understand wanting to have everything in place so that you feel like you're getting a good value.

Side note: We're intentionally NOT doing a cruise. My parents have been on an Alaskan cruise, and they were decidedly unimpressed with the cruising and want to do more of the adventure activities-- hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, float plane, etc. When someone else is paying, I'm not picky!

My dad sent out an email earlier this week asking for input on dates and availability AND asking if we'd rather push to 2019 so we could try to get air mileage tickets. I responded that we were flexible on year, but our constraint is Noah and marching band, so we have really only June and the first two weeks of July. My brother responded that he'd rather do 2018 than 2019, but his kids (ages 6 and 8) are in summer swim, so they are only available the first week of June and then late July and August. I immediately wrote back and said the fist week of June would work for us.

My dad spent two days researching stuff. He loves travel planning, so this is time usually well spent for him. He called me yesterday with an update on what he'd found regarding lodging, activities, etc. (This is where he can't really talk to my mom anymore...there's too many moving parts for her to be an active part of the conversation.)

This morning my brother called me and asked why we weren't flexible with our dates. I reminded him that Noah is in marching band, and he has summer band for four weeks before school starts. It is not optional. I also explained that we don't know when the first day of school will be until February, because that is when the state board sets the first day and grants waivers for districts who want to start earlier. (Both our district and my brother's district got waivers for our current school year.) So, it's hard to know now when the first day of school/marching band will be until then.

Kevin asked if we could just plan on the third week of July, because that should be after swim season. I asked what happened to the first week of June?! He said he'd rather his kids not miss a swim meet. I told him July was iffy because of the school/band/date issue. I also reminded him that our Cape trip is the one time a year we see John's side of the family, so we like to go as late as possible because so many of them aren't out of school until late June AND John's sister can only take vacation in July after the July 4th holiday due to her work.

I told him that it sounded like it wouldn't really work for us all to go to Alaska. He then started telling me about how inflexible I am and that they have plenty of people wanting to take them on trips who are much easier to coordinate with. I told him that was great! Lucky them! But I also felt sad because our kids haven't seen each other in the past year except for the four times we've come to Dallas for brief visits, working around their kids birthday party schedules and other unmissable (to them) events. We even wound up leaving a day early over Spring Break when SIL Heather decided last-minute to take the kids on an overnight trip with her sister (who is single and lives in Dallas 10 minutes from them).

I ended the conversation when he started telling me that my family should just go to Denver to visit John's sister over Christmas.....ughhhhhh.

Sorry. I just needed to vent. My brother and I used to be good friends, and I'm sad about how things are right now...


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